Youth Exchange Social inclusion photography “I have a dream”


This youth exchange “ Social inclusion photography: I have a dream!” will
seek to advance the state of the art-photography, by examining the
relationship between poverty, inequality and social exclusion of
individuals, households and groups, recognising what is a cause and
consequence of poverty, inequality and social exclusion. The aim of
this youth exchange is to raise awareness for the socially excluded
groups in Europe. The participants would compare photographs, and would
post them on the organizations blogs and web pages. The participants on
this exchange would learn about cultural diversity and
anti-discrimination using visual tools and creative, interactive
methods. The extent and seriousness of the problem is often not well
understood either by policy makers or the general public. As a result
sufficient urgency is not given to its eradication. To ensure the
quality of the exposition there will be organized several workshops and
sessions where participants will develop their creative and technical
skills in photography. The final days of the youth exchange will be
used for presentation of the photographs taken to the public eyes.
This, we hope, will provoke reactions from everyone who would see how
young people see socially excluded groups in societies.
The project is in April 2011 with 40 participants.

Подборът на доброволци ще се проведе от 01 февруари до 01 март 2011 година.

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  1. paco rabanne 1 million Says:

    Не знаех за съществуването на You(th) act for a Positive Change” което е младежки обмен, чиято основна цел е популяризирането на младежкия активизъм и доброволчество. Това е много хубави начинание и дано да има повече хора които да помагат. Интересното тук е че участници в проекта са ученици и студенти от България и Великобритания на възраст 13-20 години, които имат опит в благотворителните или доброволческите начинания, млади хора, готови да работят с хъс и ентусиазъм, за да видят мечтите си за един по-добър и по-усмихнат свят реализирани.Радвам се че попаднах на тази статия и научих това.

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